RJLPP Spotlight


Shuvo Robi Sircar

Comment discusses current and proposed disciplinary mechanisms in schools. Illustrates the notion that suspension and expulsion practices, like corporal punishment, need to be left in the past; and extolls the benefits of restorative justice models in lieu of current suspension and expulsion measures. Starts by showing how suspension and expulsion practices violate Due Process rights under the Fourteenth Amendment. Next, the comment identifies some of the problems posed by these practices, how Courts have exacerbated these problems, and then highlights some of the important background issues.  Finally, the comment discusses restorative justice models and alternatives to the suspension and expulsion model. View More

Adbul Rehman Khan

Article discusses the burgeoning field of space law, development is space militarization, and dual-use satellites. Provides a brief overview of space law and war theory, and illustrates tension between bodies of law by exploring issues that dual-use satellites create. Also, discusses public policy implications of war in space, and invites reconsideration of traditional laws of war to better encompass space-time conflict. View More

Todd A. DeMitchell & Winston C. Thompson

Article discusses “Do Not Attempt Resuscitate” (DNAR) orders describing their effects on educators and schools. Author recognizes how the legal and practical considerations are highly complex, and how this issue is very emotionally charged. Focuses on the dilemma faced by educators when they are forced to follow DNAR orders, and how schools are not equipped to address these issues. Part 1 explores what is a DNAR order and how prevalent it is in schools.  The second part discusses medically fragile students who attend school and the relationship of special education to DNARs.  Section three explores school responses to DNARs, including state guidelines. The duty that educators owe to their students is the focus of the fourth section.  The fifth part follows up with a discussion of the legal responses to a DNAR.  The next section addresses the ethical dilemma that confronts educators of students with these orders.  The article concludes with a summation of ethical actions.View More