Volume 8, Spring 2011, Issue 5

  • Pasquale Guglietta

    In re Baby M presented a truly groundbreaking fact pattern that had not yet been adjudicated in New Jersey, and has achieved a near iconic status, in New Jersey and across the country. Its legacy is somewhat surprising, though, since the case itself did very little in terms of announcing new law. In essence, the New Jersey Supreme Court found that the specific surrogacy contract at issue violated New Jersey law, yet it did not outlaw all surrogacy arrangements. On the contrary, the Court left the door wide open, and invited the Legislature to provide greater clarity with regard to the use of surrogates. View More


  • Tiffany L. Palmer

    In recent decades, medical technology has advanced rapidly to allow couples who cannot conceive using traditional means the opportunity to bear children through assisted reproductive technology (ART). These advances in ART have accompanied, and sometimes driven, societal shifts in parenting norms and the broader acceptance of non-traditional families. For lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) couples and individuals, and in particular, gay men and gay male couples, ART provides a means to build families through the use of a gestational surrogate. View More


  • William S. Singer

    Where assisted reproductive technology (ART) was once in the realm of science fiction, it has become reality. Now, not unlike adventurers sent to explore a new territory without the help of maps or navigational instruments, New Jersey lawyers are asked to counsel clients about ART. View More


  • I'm here to support my wife, but I'm, in truth, fascinated by this conversation. I have two factual questions to ask, which seem to be fairly fundamental and the first, I think, could be for Kim. And that is how do you price the labor? You said it could be six figures, but it seems to me that that's so fundamental. But if we talk about this as work and not something else, that we need to know what the range of pricing is and how people arrive at that. View More