Good morning. My name is Renee Steinhagen. I’m the Executive Director of New Jersey Appleseed, the Public Interest Law Center. I want to welcome you here this morning for what is a very important conference. This conference is being sponsored by the three law schools of New Jersey: Rutgers Law School in Newark, Rutgers Law School in Camden, and Seton Hall Law School; it is funded by the Lois and Stan Pratt Foundation. Mr. and Mrs. Pratt were founders of the Common Interest Homeowners Coalition, and are extremely responsible for all of you in this room. The conference is going to be published by the Rutgers Journal of Law and Public Policy. Now, there are several organizations that are participating: the New Jersey ACLU, the League of Women Voters, which many of you know, because they often run the elections in your homeowners, AARP, the Common Interest Homeowners Association, and New Jersey Appleseed. View More