Volume 2, Issue 2 (2005)

FORECLOSURE OF A DREAM: THE IMPACT OF THE COUNCIL ON AFFORDABLE HOUSING’S NEW REGULATIONS ON THE CONSTITUTIONAL DUTY TO PROVIDE AFORDABLE HOUSING IN NEW JERSEY Eamonn K. Bakewell Zoning laws can be used to unjustly restrict the poor from moving into adequate housing surrounded by adequate space. This note considers the tension between the constitutional… continue reading

Volume 2, Issue 1

THE RIGHT TO WORK AND BASIC INCOME GUARANTEES: COMPETING OR COMPLEMENTARY GOALS? Professor Phillip L. Harvey During the past two decades a broad-based advocacy movement has coalesced around the proposal that all members of society should be guaranteed an unconditional basic income (BI) sufficient to support a modest but dignified existence. Grounded on a loss… continue reading

Volume 1, Issue 1

IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE Professor Jerome Balter Minority and low-income communities are unable to protect their neighborhoods from disproportionate pollution and industrial sitting under the present environmental justice system based upon the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Environmental Protection Agency’s (“EPA”) civil rights regulations. Strict adherence to the EPA’s civil rights… continue reading