Volume 3, Issue 3 (2006)

SEEKING A CONSOLIDATED FEMINIST VOICE FOR PROSTITUTION IN THE US Gregg Aronson Liberal, social, and radical feminism are among the most predominant feminist doctrines on the issue of prostitution. The core tenets of these schools of thought are vastly different. Each focuses on what they believe to be the root causes of prostitution and each… continue reading

Volume 3, Issue 2

INTRODUCTION: CREATING LEGITIMATE DIGITAL PRIVACY RIGHTS FOR INTERNET USERS Privacy has become a complex legal issue as technological advancements have created a multitude of ways, both physical and digital, that one’s privacy rights can be violated. Although the Supreme Court has declined to recognize a constitutional right to digital privacy, the increasing pervasiveness of digital… continue reading

Volume 3, Issue 1

LIBERTARIAN PATERNALISM: THE COCAINE VACCINE AS A TEST CASE FOR THE SUNSTEIN/THALER MODEL Professor Dru Stevenson We make bad choices. We also make choices for other people. This seems to be an unfortunate pair of statements, and it would be just as unfortunate (or maybe worse) in the reverse: We make choices for other people…. continue reading