Volume 8, Spring 2011, Issue 5

BABY M: AN UNREQUITED INVITATION Pasquale Guglietta In re Baby M presented a truly groundbreaking fact pattern that had not yet been adjudicated in New Jersey, and has achieved a near iconic status, in New Jersey and across the country. Its legacy is somewhat surprising, though, since the case itself did very little in terms of… continue reading

Volume 8, Spring 2011, Issue 4

TAXING DISCRIMINATION VICTIMS: HOW THE CURRENT TAX REGIME IS UNJUST AND WHY A HYBRID INCOME AVERAGING AND GROSS UP REMEDY PROVIDES THE MOST EQUITABLE SOLUTION Richard Barca The United States Congress has utilized its constitutionally enumerated powers under the Commerce Clause and the Fourteenth Amendment to enact laws with the goal of ending harmful workplace… continue reading

Volume 8, Spring 2011, Issue 3

HOW MARRIAGE BECAME OPTIONAL: COHABITATION, GENDER, AND THE EMERGING FUNCTIONAL NORMS J. Herbie DiFonzo In 1953, sociologist Ray E. Baber confidently asserted that the “opportunity which marriage affords for constant and complete companionship with the person most loved, with the full sanction of society, is its greatest single attraction.” Another mid-20th century text, Paul H…. continue reading