Volume 10, Spring 2013, Issue 4

SELECTIVE TESTING OF DNA AND ITS IMPACT ON POST-CONVICTION REQUESTS FOR TESTINGJodena Carbone The prisons are full of men and women who profess their innocence despite having been convicted on the weight of the evidence presented by the prosecution. Yet, each year many of those found guilty are exonerated after post-conviction testing of deoxyribonucleic acid… continue reading

Volume 10, Spring 2013, Issue 3

MANDATORY DRUG SCREENING FOR WELFARE RECIPIENTS: FISCALLY RESPONSIBLE LIMITATIONS ON GOVERNMENT HANDOUTS OR CONSTITUTIONAL VIOLATION Eric Cory Rosenberg There is a long history of political maneuvering that surrounds social welfare legislation and government entitlement programs at both the national and state level. One aspect that has received increased attention during the recent economic downturn is… continue reading

Volume 10, Spring 2013, Issue 2

The Second Annual Sports and Entertainment Law Society Symposium Christopher Gulla: All right guys, can I have everybody’s attention? I’m Chris Gulla, President of the Sports and Entertainment Law Society. First, I would just like to welcome everybody here to the Rutgers Camden Sports Entertainment Law Society’s Second Annual Sports Law Symposium. SELS has been planning this event for about four… continue reading