Volume 7, Spring 2010, Issue 3

ADDRESSING THE CIVIL-MILITARY GAP: ADOPTING A 21ST CENTURY SOLOMON AMENDMENT TO REQUIRE ON CAMPUS ACCESS TO RESERVE OFFICER TRAINING CORP PROGRAMS AT ELITE INSTITUTIONS Donald M. Benedetto Since the beginning of the war in Iraq, there have been 4,377 American military deaths as of the time of this article. One overarching commonality amongst many of… continue reading

Volume 7, Spring 2010, Issue 2

GUNS DON‘T KILL PEOPLE ALTHOUGH 30,000 AMERICANS EACH YEAR WOULD DISAGREE: AN ANALYSIS OF GUN MANUFACTURER LIABILITY Dustin Bower On November 5, 2009, America was shocked and disturbed to find that a mass shooting had occurred at one of the nation‘s largest military posts. A U.S. Army psychiatrist allegedly opened fire inside Fort Hood in… continue reading