Volume 7, Spring 2010, Issue 2

GUNS DON‘T KILL PEOPLE ALTHOUGH 30,000 AMERICANS EACH YEAR WOULD DISAGREE: AN ANALYSIS OF GUN MANUFACTURER LIABILITY Dustin Bower On November 5, 2009, America was shocked and disturbed to find that a mass shooting had occurred at one of the nation‘s largest military posts. A U.S. Army psychiatrist allegedly opened fire inside Fort Hood in… continue reading

Volume 7, Fall 2009, Issue 1

A FACTOR BY ANY OTHER NAME: THE RELIGIOUS EMPLOYER‘S DEFENSE TO CONTRACEPTIVE EQUITY CLAIMS UNDER THE EQUAL PAY ACT AND TITLE VII Cheryl A. Beckett Health care reform, including the role of employers in providing health insurance, is one of this country‘s most controversial and critical issues. The cost, coverage, administration, and provision of care… continue reading

Volume 6, Fall 2009, Issue 4

RUTGERS JOURNAL OF LAW & PUBLIC POLICY: FINANCIAL CRISIS SYMPOSIUM Multiple Authors Good afternoon. My name is Donald Benedetto, chapter president of the Federalist Society at Rutgers University School of Law at Camden, and on behalf of the Society, let me welcome you to our symposium discussing the ongoing financial crisis in cooperation with the… continue reading

Volume 6, Spring 2009, Issue 3

ENABLING THE PRIVATIZING OF TOLL ROADS: A PUBLIC-PRIVATE PARTNERSHIP MODEL FOR NEW JERSEY R. David Walker With the recent tragedy of the I-35W Mississippi River bridge collapse in Minnesota, the state of the nation’s transportation infrastructure was thrust into the national spotlight. Thirteen people were killed and over one hundred injured when a steel truss… continue reading

Volume 6, Spring 2009, Issue 2

THE LIFE CYCLE OF IMMIGRATION: A TALE OF TWO MIGRANTS James M. Cooper, William J. Aceves, Alejandro González, & Pedro Egaña View More CONSCIENCE AND INTEREST: LAW, RIGHTS, AND POLITICS IN THE STRUGGLE TO CONFRONT CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE NEW POVERTY Paul L. Joffe, Herbert Hoover administered the American program providing food and other assistance… continue reading

Volume 6, Fall 2008, Issue 1

CONSTITUTIONAL NIHILISM: POLITICAL SCIENCE AND THE DECONSTRUCTION OF THE JUDICIARY Wayne Batchis This essay is a polemic. As an attorney turned political scientist, it reflects my reaction to a pervasive theme that permeates much of the political science literature, particularly within the subfield of law and politics. It is intended to air concerns that will… continue reading

Volume 5, Spring 2008, Issue 4

INTRODUCTION TO SYMPOSIUM EDITION ON HOMEOWNER ASSOCIATIONS: A DISCUSSION OF THE PROBLEMS AND SOLUTIONS In May 2007, the Homeowner Associations: Problems and Solutions Conference was held in Trenton, New Jersey. The Conference was funded by the Lois and Stan Pratt Foundation and co-sponsored by Rutgers School of Law- Camden, Seton Hall Law School, and Rutgers Newark Law… continue reading

Volume 5, Spring 2008, Issue 3

HASTE MAKES WASTE: A CALL TO REVAMP NEW JERSEY’S MEGAN’S LAW LEGISLATION AS-APPLIED TO JUVENILES Andrew J. Hughes New Jersey must revamp its Megan’s Law legislation as it applies to juvenile offenders. The New Jersey Legislature hastily enacted its Megan’s Law scheme in 1994 and failed to consider several important differences between adult sex offenders… continue reading

Volume 5, Spring 2008, Issue 2

OUTSIDERS LOOKING IN: THE AMERICAN LEGAL DISCOURSE OF EXCLUSION Luis E. Chiesa Shortly after the birth of our nation, Congress enacted the Alien Friends Act, which granted to President John Adams the power to detain and deport aliens from any country deemed “dangerous to the peace and safety of the United States” without affording them… continue reading

Volume 5, Fall 2007, Issue 1

BUT DID THEY LISTEN?: THE NEW JERSEY DEATH PENALTY COMMISSION’S EXERCISE IN ABOLITIONISM: A REPLY Robert Blecker On January 2, 2007, the New Jersey Death Penalty Study Commission, with one dissenting vote, declared itself “pleased” to submit its report and recommendations to the Governor. The Commission had reached consensus: The legislature should simply abolish the… continue reading